Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silly things people do.

Many of us go through life hoping that as time goes by things will change for the better, what makes us believe after many upsets through out is usually the rising of a new and different character, A persona so uplifting that convinces us there is HOPE.

May that persona or character be simply ourselves changing and evolving with time and maybe another person inspiring an effort which to us is all so relevant. Hm.. Sound familiar yet? No? Well, to explain it differently, There comes a time when everyone needs to believe that there is a life better than this one now, To be richer with money and asset's. That there is somebody for us to look at for direction, A Mentor, A Champion, A LEADER!!
And so a new undertaking, Faith. Later after many baffling turn of event's we realize, That persona we have develop or that "beacon of hope" for a leader that we now have become a soldier to is not so much helping develop our wealth or well being but rather the other way round!! Hahaha!
We have now fed our new persona with ego and unjustified pride, the leader we serve is now a million times richer than when we 1st started to agree with his direction and that we still have nothing.. Wow! What a bummer! We find that we are right where we started from.
Scared, Confused and Angry!
Fear for that we are lost again, Not knowing which direction to take we become furious for letting ourselves down yet one more time. Right now, This situation sounds almost morbid.
Total dismantling of one's self esteem, We become desperate! Hence, shortsighted and will only react, living on basic instinct to survive this mad mad world, No plan or patience, ready to strike at even half an opportunity.

Sad and alone..

For those who seek the "Path" shall find it, As there is only one true direction, ALLAH Subhanawataala.
There is no Truth but ALLAH.
There is no reason but ALLAH.
There shall only be ALLAH.
So let us not look at what man can promise rather what ALLAH has given.
ALLAHuakbar (ALLAH The Almighty) only from ALLAH shall we get help.
Pray (Solat and Doa) and ALLAH shall provide. Amin.
MasyaALLAH, Life is now in balance and perfect harmony! Hahaha.
What we were thinking of before? Ah who knows these things? ALLAHhu.
AstargfiruALLAH, We let ourselves walk the path Syaitan frequents.
SubhanALLAH..We now see the light.


Amin Yarabbal alamin.

I simply wrote this piece, Just so we dont forget. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Melayu, Cina & India.

I think this video is very typical of true Malaysian's. I have friend's just like them. Haahaha..

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Photography is my passion as for me picture's usually describe better than words. This being my 1st post on my long postponed Blog i would like to share some random photo's i took during my walkabouts...

This one i like coz the subject is simple yet the owner of this Vespa put enough of his soul into the bike that it's turn out to be a splendid spectacle..

This is of model Ainaa Emir during a photography & lighting outing in Melaka ( A'Famosa ).

I am also an IT Developer and am the founder of and other website's, Here is a video i shot in Melaka during an outing with Ted Adnan.

Hope you like it..:) In the credits you see the director of the video clip is Phil, That is my photography nick name. Phil Ramli.